Dolly Parton fans can now book The Dolly Show for a personal, intimate Zoom gig.

Kelly can help you celebrate a special occasion or simply hook up with friends.

The Dolly Show delivers an interactive Dolly Parton tribute Zoom gig so fans can enjoy the show from the comfort of their home.

Kelly calls in from East Tennessee for the ultimate online tribute show to help you mark a birthday or anniversary.

You can sing along – lyrics are provided on request – to Jolene, Two Doors Down or Applejack.

You can pretend to be Kenny and duet with Dolly on Islands In The Stream.

Or dance around your living room to 9 to 5.

It is a perfect Zoom gig for the family and a great way to get grandparents, parents and kids together.

The show – from songs to shout outs – is tailored to each client.

Please contact for prices. 

Dolly Parton tribute piano