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KO Dolly Parton tribute act

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Cameo lets fans book a personalized video shout-out from their favourite talent. Reviews of Dolly Show Cameo performances in July include:  5 stars! Reviewed by R***** on Jul 23rd, 2020"This is fantastic! He's going to love it and you went above and beyond for sure....

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Multi-award winning West End star Kelly O’Brien is world’s BEST Dolly Parton tribute & impressionist. Performing as Dolly for 14 yrs. Have Dolly send your loved one a message and sing along!


The Dolly Show
The Dolly Show
The Dolly Show
Getting some quick practise in this morning for our upcoming shows…
9th Sept - Lawrence Batley theatre, Huddersfield
15th Sept - The Regal theatre, Redruth
16th Sept - The Palace theatre, Paignton
20th Sept - The Core at Corby Cube
21st Sept - The Epstein theatre, Liverpool

All ticket links found here-


‘Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way.’
I created this look during lockdown when I had no money at all…
The dress was from #etsy and I styled the wig myself. #dollyparton #creativity https://t.co/Or0Q2mSxs2
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Today marks 1.5 years of my #vocalrehabilitation journey.
I’ve had to work incredibly hard on my voice, but with the help of people like @danechalfin and @burnay_tori I am stage fit! I cannot thank these people enough! #singers #voice #rehab https://t.co/Z29uZPTFmr
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Here you come again was written by Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil, is one of only a handful of Dolly's hits she didn't write.
She received her first GRAMMY win with “Here You Come Again” for Best Female Country Vocal Performance. #dollyparton #thedollyshow #Dolly https://t.co/B9S0Jm6JZc
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Singapore Grand Prix 2010
BEST gig ever!
That’s my (now) 19 yr old son Oscar.
I obviously haven’t aged at all… 🤣
#grandprix #singapore #thedollyshow https://t.co/22zldDmHjL
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“You’re such an amazing singer.
Totally won my heart.”

Tom Holland