Cameo lets fans book a personalized video shout-out from their favourite talent.

Reviews of Dolly Show Cameo performances in July include: 

  • 5 stars! Reviewed by R***** on Jul 23rd, 2020″This is fantastic! He’s going to love it and you went above and beyond for sure. Thank you so much! Great job.”
  • 5 stars! Reviewed by K***** on Jul 23rd, 2020″Thank you, Kelly! The video is great. I think Kaycee will love it!”
  • 5 stars! Reviewed by M***** on Jul 17th, 2020″I could not ask for a more perfect message. Absolutely fantastic- my dad will love it! It could not have been better! Thank you ever so much!”
  • 5 stars! Reviewed by I** on Jul 17th, 2020″Kelly – this is pitch perfect. My sister’s going to love this. What an absolutely wonderful impression you do! We appreciate it so much, Thank you!”
  • 5 stars! Reviewed by C***** on Jul 13th, 2020″Perfect! Thanks so much.”
  • 5 stars! Reviewed by M***** on Jul 8th, 2020″Thank you!”
  • 5 stars! Reviewed by M***** on Jul 1st, 2020″Amazing – thanks so much!”