The Dolly Show has teamed up with award-winning comedian Anna Morris to release a Dolly tribute vaccine song celebrating the philanthropy of Dolly Parton.

‘Vaccine!’ is a gentle parody that honours Dolly’s $1million donation to the Moderna Covid-19 vaccine fund. 

When Morris heard that Dolly Parton had donated money to help develop the vaccine she started humming Parton’s greatest hit ‘Jolene’, but with a special twist.

“I started singing Vaccine instead of Jolene, grabbed a pen and paper and changed the lyrics within ten minutes,” said the comedy actor and writer who has kept thousands entertained over lockdown with her online comedy videos.

“But I knew I wasn’t the one to star in this one. It had to be Dolly. Or the next best thing – the UK’s number 1 impersonator.”

Morris then got hold of The Dolly Show’s Kelly O’Brien through a mutual friend and sent her the Dolly tribute vaccine song.

“Kelly loved it straight away and despite never meeting, we hit it off on the phone and came up with a plan!”

Dolly Parton vaccine parody

Kelly asked guitarist Gareth Lieske for a bespoke Jolene backing track, with musical arrangement from by John Purser, and filmed herself singing the song at home.

Morris then teamed up with her Channel 4 Lee and Dean co-star, writer and Editor Sam Underwood who put the video together.

“We’re delighted with it. It’s so upbeat and positive and a great tribute to Dolly Parton, who’s done an amazing thing,” said Kelly.

“Our dream would be for her to see it and even sing it. I think it should be Christmas number one!” 

Like many artists, Morris and O’Brien have lost a lot of work over the pandemic and their industries reman precarious. They’ve created a donation page for fans to help support their work:


Anna Morris is an award-winning comedian, actor and writer. She’s starred in Channel 4’s Lee and Dean, BBC ONE’s Outnumbered, The First Team and Count Arthur Strong.

Anna writes comedy sketches and songs including the recent New Tier Rules – a Dua Lipa parody. Viral hits include ‘Back to Work’ and ‘Smug Lockdown.’